Netball Court Installers

Netball Court Installers

As professional netball court installers, we pride ourselves in the quality of our installation services.

Building Netball Sports Facilities

Building Netball Sports Facilities

We are experts in building netball sports facilities around the UK. We are able to customise designs in order to meet specific needs.

Netball Surfacing Specialists

Netball Surfacing Specialists

Being netball surfacing specialists, we are able to provide construction services along with cleaning and painting maintenance. We can also carry out repairs if needed.

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Netball Surface Construction

Here at Netball Surface Construction, we provide customised designs in order to meet specific needs, providing construction services along with cleaning and painting maintenance. If you want to build a Netball Surface Construction, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

As surfacing experts, we are able to conduct netball surface construction to suit individual needs. We install courts for domestic use, as well as for schools, colleges and leisure centres.

The first part of the sports surfacing construction process is to excavate the existing surfacing. Once the first step is complete, a geotextile membrane is put down and a stone sub base is laid on top. Macadam can then be installed directly over this sub base.

However, if you want to have a polymeric surfacing constructed, we will need to lay a macadam base prior to installing the polymeric surfacing. Since these netball surface types are both permeable, the sport can be played all year round - even during wet weather conditions.

If you're interested in having a sports facility constructed nearby and you would like more details regarding costs and specifications, please make sure you fill in our contact form. We could provide you with even more information regarding our installations and a quote if required. 

Netball Court Surfaces Near Me

Type 2 macadam and type 3 polymeric are the most popular surfacing types when it comes to the construction of netball courts. These types of surfaces provide great ball bounce and slip-resistant properties making them perfect for netball, as well as other sports including tennis and basketball.

Since these surfacing types may be used for various sports, they are very popular among schools, fitness clubs and leisure centres. You may design your own netball surface prior to construction by choosing from a variety of different colours. We can modify our specifications to meet your requirements. We may also create smaller sized courts for those who are on a smaller budget as we want to stay closest to your set price.

The advantage of these flooring types is that they are porous; this means that water can drain through easily. Porous surfaces mean that you can make use of your court during any weather. You will need to clean the surface regularly to keep it in its best condition.

We may conduct netball surface maintenance services if your court becomes dirty or faded over time; we also carry out repairs if necessary. If you'd like to discuss our maintenance and repairs services, please contact us directly using our enquiry form.

What is Netball Played On?

Netball is played on a number of different surfacing types; the most popular surfaces in your surrounding area used for this type of sport is macadam and polymeric. These flooring types offer the best playing characteristics for the sport, as they offer appropriate ball bounce.

These type of surfaces are also great for netball, as they can be colour coated and line-marked in the colours you choose making a unique facility for you. Additional line-markings can also be applied onto these surface types allowing for a multi-use games area to be created. 

Installation Costs

Sports court installation costs can vary depending on a variety of factors. Some big factors which affect the price of court construction are the surfacing specification, the access to the site and also the dimensions of your facility. We may alter our specifications to match your individual needs.

For example, our builders can reduce the size of the court in order to lower costs for those on a smaller budget. You may also require extra features like fencing and floodlights to improve the look of your finished facility. As professional installers, our main aim is to provide a high-quality service which is great value for money. 

We recommend regularly maintaining your court in order to keep costs down. If you look after your court and routine cleaning is carried out, bigger renovation works like a full resurface will not need to be done. Our contractors can complete a full resurface if required, however, a lot of time sport courts can become dramatically improved simply by doing small repair works, cleaning and painting. 

Sports Surface Contractors

As professional sports surface contractors near me, we could construct a multi-purpose sports court allowing users to enjoy a range of sports in a single space. MUGA construction is very popular in schools and colleges since children can enjoy various sports without needing multiple courts installed.

We can modify designs to suit your requirements. There are a number of different colours available for your local multi-use games area.

As the design, supply and install specialists we are able to provide your facility with a range of surfaces and equipment to meet your needs.

This can include long jump, triple jump, football and many other sports! Speak to us today if you're interested in finding out more information and learning about the variety of surfacing types that can suit you. 

Other Sports Surfaces We Offer

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We can offer professional advice regarding the construction of sports courts and MUGA surfaces. For more information on the courts our sport surfacing installers can construct, please fill in our contact form.

Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you as soon as possible with more details on netball surface construction and a quote if required. 


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