School Playground Installers

School Playground Installers

Our team have designed and installed a number of outdoor play areas for schools with surfaces like wetpour and rubber mulch to add safety qualities and bright colours.

Thermoplastic Activity Markings

Thermoplastic Activity Markings

Many schools choose to have colourful thermoplastic designs added to a tarmac surface, and this is a service we offer with plenty of graphics to choose from.

Play Area Safety Surface

Play Area Safety Surface

Rubber flooring is often installed to children's playgrounds as it creates a safer surface in case kids fall when running around or using equipment.

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School Playground Flooring Specialists

Here at School Playground Flooring Specialists, we supply colourful thermoplastic designs to add to tarmac surfacing with plenty of bright coloured graphics to choose from. If you want to build a new school playground flooring, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

If you're looking for school playground flooring specialists we offer a multitude of services to help schools and councils create outdoor learning environments. These facilities can be designed with many different surfacing options, but it completely depends on what type of children’s play area you want.

Feel free to speak to one of our experts if you are unsure about which surface specification would be best for your school and budget. Just fill out our contact box on this page to get in touch with us.

Play Surfacing Designs Near Me

Some of the most popular specifications that our local playground flooring team install is made from rubber. Wetpour is a common recreational surface, applied in a two-tiered system with an SBR base shockpad and an EPDM wearing course. The top layer is available in a number of colour choices, however, many clients choose to have the main surface installed in black, with smaller coloured graphics.

This tends to be a more cost-effective option and it takes a shorter time to install compared with having multiple different coloured sections. If you are interested in learning about the range of play surfaces we offer you can look here - to see how resin bound can work well for your facility. 

If you want to create a vibrant and interactive outdoor space at your school, wet pour is a great option because there are so many colourful designs which could be incorporated for different activities.

Rubber mulch is another specialist surfacing type which is often used at schools and nurseries. This is made up of shredded rubber pieces mixed together with binder and is generally installed in more natural colours.

Thermoplastic Markings

We also offer a range of thermoplastic floor markings for tarmac play areas in schools. These create vibrant and fun designs which the children can use for lots of activities and educational games in both primary and secondary education facilities.

Schools which provide kids with a lot of features for outdoor play often receive extra credit from Ofsted reports. Things like hopscotch, multiplication grids, letter games and targets can all be incorporated to create an interactive learning space.

Please fill in our enquiry form to discuss costs for a specialist playground surface installation. We will be able to talk you through the best options for what you need and give you a quote which fits your budget.

Children’s Play Area Design

If you’re looking to get a children’s playground design with loads of exciting features to enhance development, you can select different pieces of equipment. These could be things like agility trails, monkey bars, stepping logs, climbing frames and full trim trails. Having these products in schools helps children to develop a number of skills including strength, balance, coordination and teamwork.

The versatile equipment could even be installed to match the designs of any floor markings or graphics you want to include. Many schools nearby have timber boats with a blue sea design applied to the flooring around it, and this may be used for imaginative games.

Safety Surfaces and Markings

The wet pour and rubber mulch surfaces can be laid by our school playground flooring specialists to meet the Critical Fall Height (CFH) of any equipment you do have. This is to ensure maximum safety qualities if children are climbing on tall jungle gyms, using swings or running across balance beams as well as the surrounding areas. The rubber surfacing is designed to absorb impact and prevent injuries if a child falls onto it.

Thermoplastic markings are often installed directly onto an existing macadam play area surface; however, we could also apply a coloured paint coating beneath the graphics to create an even more exciting appearance.

The paint and markings are both designed to have anti-slip properties, so they are safe in areas where kids will be running around and doing different activities. Many schools have the floor graphics applied as fitness circuits which the children traverse around and complete various actions like jumping, hopping and balancing.

These could be designed to follow on from a timber trim trail which follows around the recreational area. The pupils would be able to use the equipment and floor graphics during PE lessons as well as break times as a way of being more active and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Some activities that children will get involved in will involve high jump and long jump which can improve a child's athletics. 

How to Install Preformed Markings Near Me

If you're looking to have preformed markings installed at your school or play area, you may be interested to know the installation process:

  1. Cut out the shapes of the thermoplastic material
  2. Prepare the surface by cleaning it 
  3. Lay out the preformed markings in the desired area
  4. Heat the thermoplastics until they melt onto the surface
  5. Leave the thermoplastic to cool

We can install preformed markings to tarmac areas to completely transform the area to be closest to what you require. Preformed line-markings may be applied in a number of designs to improve interactive learning for kids.

If you are looking to install line markings for multiuse game areas we are also able to expertly install these features. If you would like to speak to us about the different designs that can be installed, please fill in our contact box. 

Other Playground Surfaces We Offer

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As we are specialists in the design, supply and construction of outdoor playground flooring for schools, we can answer any questions you have with regards to prices and specifications. There are loads of options to choose from so we’ll help you make the right decision for your project.

Contact us today for an idea of costs and some help with designing an amazing outdoor play area for your school, nursery or public facility. Our school playground flooring specialists can offer you helpful advice and support, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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