Playground Repair Company

Playground Repair Company

We're able to complete maintenance and repairs for play surfaces including fixing damage and perimeter shrinkage to EPDM wetpour flooring.

Wetpour Surface Maintenance

Wetpour Surface Maintenance

Sometimes playground flooring can become damaged without the correct maintenance, we can complete localised repairs or supply a DIY kit for you to do the work yourself.

Specialist Play Area Cleaning

Specialist Play Area Cleaning

With regular cleaning and brushing, you should be able to prevent damage and waterlogging on your playground surface by removing dirt and debris from within the pores.

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Playground Repair Company

We are Playground repair Company, we are able to prevent damage and waterlogging on your playground surface. if you'd like a localised repair or be supplied with a DIY kit to remove dirt and debris from within the pores, then you have found the right place.

We are a specialist playground repair company offering plenty of services for schools, nurseries and councils. If you have an outdoor play facility which is regularly used by children, it might become damaged or worn out over a long period of time. Some of the flooring types we provide maintenance and repairs for include wet pour, rubber mulch and tarmac.

There are a number of repairs which we may complete for playground safety surfacing and we can even complete a full resurface if your surfacing is beyond repair.

Please take a moment to fill in our contact form should you need us to fix damage to any of these surfaces. Our specialists will get back to you at the earliest opportunity with information on costs, repairs and maintenance services which we may carry out.

Wetpour Play Surfaces Near Me

EPDM wet pour is a surface which is commonly installed for children’s playgrounds or schools and nurseries. It is made of rubber crumb material which provides impact absorbing properties to protect kids from injuries when playing in an area. We have carried out numerous repairs to this flooring type and we also supply a specialist DIY kit which the client can use to fix small problems.

Damage can occur on a wet pour playground surface due to continuous heavy use, weathering, or children picking at the rubber. When this happens you may get one localised area which needs to be filled in with a new application of rubber. For this process we can fill in the gap with the same colour of EPDM, however, due to sun exposure and colours fading over time, the new rubber often looks different from the old.

This is why we usually recommend cutting out a shape around the damaged portion, then filling it in with a different colour to create an interesting feature. If you're wanting to learn more about the surfaces we have to offer look here - to see how 3G turf could work for your nearby school or nursery. 

Wetpour Shrinking Edge Repairs

Sometimes the outer edges of a wet pour playground can shrink and pull away from the concrete edgings. When this happens we offer a perimeter playground repair service which usually consists of filling in the gap with a new colour to create a contrasting border with a decorative look.

Our team also complete reactive maintenance for rubber mulch play flooring and tarmac sports surfaces. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about the costs for our services, or the DIY kits.

Play Equipment Repairs Near Me

As well as the nearby recreational flooring itself, we also undertake play equipment repairs for various outdoor structures. These include things like climbing towers, slides, swings, timber activity trails, bridges and loads more playground features. Many organisations have equipment like this so that kids can develop physical skills such as balance, strength and coordination.

They also promote things like teamwork and socialisation as children must work together to complete different activities. It’s vital that these features are all kept in top condition to ensure they are safe for use and do not become hazardous. We recommend having regular inspections carried out by an independent expert to test the structural stability, Critical Fall Height ratings and overall safety of any surfacing or equipment you have.

Whether it is a tennis, hockey or football pitch, we are able to carry out repairs to your outdoor play surface in order to keep it in the best conditions possible. 

If you would like additional details on the play equipment repairs we conduct, please fill in our contact box provided on this page. Once we receive your enquiry, we can provide you with more information regarding costs and prices. 

Other Playground Surfaces We Offer

Specialist Maintenance Contractor

As an experienced company we carry out testing and repairs to any outdoor play equipment including supply of spare parts and general maintenance. In order to prolong the lifespan of an outdoor play space, regular maintenance is extremely important.

Look here to find out more about maintenance for a range of surfaces. We would suggest that you routinely clean the surface to make sure it is draining properly and it free from weeds or other debris.

Also check any climbing structures for signs of rust or rotting wood as this could potentially lead to a safety hazard if not dealt with to both the child and the surrounding areas. 

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To learn more about the services our company provides, please get in touch with us via the enquiry form on this page. Our team have worked with many educational organisations including schools and nurseries closest to you so we’ll offer plenty of expert advice to help you.

The staff members at our playground repair company in will be able to discuss the costs and provide a quote for any repairs or maintenance to your playground so don’t hesitate to contact us.


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