Wetpour Flooring Experts in Ainstable

Wetpour Flooring Experts in Ainstable

We are specialists when it comes to the installation of rubber wetpour play areas for children in schools, nurseries and public parks, with a range of designs available.

Rubber Safety Flooring in Ainstable

Rubber Safety Flooring in Ainstable

The EPDM rubber surfaces are perfect for children's playgrounds as they can reduce the impact from falls so kids won't get hurt if they trip over and land on the flooring.

Play Area Graphics Inserts in Ainstable

Play Area Graphics Inserts in Ainstable

The wetpour play flooring can have colourful graphics and designed included within the surface to give it a more exciting appearance which can be used for lots of games.

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Wet Pour Surfacing Specialists in Ainstable

Thanks for visiting Wet Pour Surfacing Specialists. Are you looking for professional installers of rubber wet pour play areas? Then look no further than us for a wide range of designs and colourful graphics to enhance your floor space. 

Our wet pour surfacing specialists in Ainstable CA4 9 can install safety surfacing for a number of establishments. Lots of schools, nurseries and councils are looking to install safe play surfaces to their recreational areas in order to prevent kids from getting hurt if they fall over. We are safety surface specialists offering installation services for this soft rubber playground flooring.

This is a specification commonly installed to children’s play areas as it absorbs impact from falls to protect kids when using the area. The surface is also available in a number of colours with exciting graphics to create an even more engaging and fun outdoor space.

Please feel free to contact our team if you’d like some information regarding costs for wet pour surfaces. One of our professional team members will respond to you as soon as possible with more information regarding the wet pour rubber safety surfacing which we can install.

Or you can look here - http://www.design-supply-install.co.uk/muga-pitch/surfaces/cumbria/ainstable/ to take a look at the multiuse surfaces we may offer your facility. 

What is Wet Pour?

Wet pour is a type of safety surfacing used in playgrounds and play areas that young children will make use of. EPDM rubberised surfacing is another name for wet pour. EPDM rubberised surfaces are available in a number of different colours making it a great choice for young children. The soft play surface can also be installed in different depths.

If you have high play equipment on the area, you will need to have wet pour installed in a thicker depth to make sure the surfacing is safe for young people. EPDM coloured graphics may be installed to allow for games and activities to be played. These are often installed on plain backgrounds to make the area more fun for the kids.

Rubber Flooring Specification Near Me

This specialist safety flooring is constructed using a 2 layer system which creates the best durability and impact absorption. The first layer will be the SBR shockpad which works as an impact mat. This base course was designed to support youngsters while using the surface in the event that they trip or fall. The next part will be the EPDM rubber crumb wearing course that's set up on top of the SBR shock mat.

This top-level is usually specified to be various colours to give your establishment the individuality, or you could just choose simple black.

Our rubber flooring specification can be installed in various depths to comply with a range of safety requirements. Critical Fall Heights can vary depending upon the height of play equipment which you have within the area.

We may alter the depths of our specs to meet your CFH and particular requirements, for more information on the CFH requirements, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you with more information regarding the installation of EPDM for play surfaces.

Colourful Wetpour Graphics

This rubberised floor can be fitted using graphics inserts, these are meant to keep children entertained as well as being educational to encourage the development of new skills. The overall feel and look of the surface is totally your choice, ensuring you obtain the facility that you would like.

Some of the most popular designs chosen in Ainstable CA4 9 include cartoon animals, A-Z caterpillars, numbers, footprints, roadways and other educational graphics.

These are great for teaching kids fundamental thinking skills through exciting games, as well as promoting physical activity and outdoor play. It’s important for kids to be enjoying activities outside and being active as this improves health and makes it easier to learn when in the classroom. look here - http://www.design-supply-install.co.uk/muga-pitch/costs/cumbria/ainstable/ to find out more information regarding the costs of a range of surfaces we have available. 

Playground Surface Maintenance in Ainstable

Play area maintenance is designed to ensure that any contaminants on the surfacing are removed and also managed to prevent any more problems from developing.

The easiest method to clear off any kind of deep set debris from a wet pour surface is to use a jet washer and brush. Due to the EPDM rubber system being totally permeable water is able to pass straight through which helps to reduce flooding on the area.

Regular upkeep helps to maintain this porosity, because debris and contaminants obstruct the tiny holes inside the flooring, stopping water from being able to get through.

This could make the facility hazardous as it might result in slips and falls. Regular maintenance should be enough to keep the flooring in top condition. However, if there are any major areas of damage, our EPDM flooring specialists offer a repair service or a DIY repair kit to fix these issues.

How to Install Wetpour Near Me

If you are looking at how to install wet pour nearby your property, our contractors follow these steps:

  1. Lay sub base - EPDM rubber can be installed onto concrete, tarmac and MOT type 1
  2. Install shockpad to required depth
  3. Mix EPDM rubber crumb with polyurethane binder
  4. Pour out the wet pour to the depth required

We can install wet pour for a variety of establishments across the UK including local schools http://www.design-supply-install.co.uk/playground/school/cumbria/ainstable/, nurseries and parks. It is essential to get safety surfacing installed in areas with high playground equipment to ensure the children are not injured in the event they fall of the apparatus onto the surrounding areas.

Other Playground Surfaces We Offer

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If you would like to speak with one of our experts closest to you about the prices for installing wet pour surfacing to your playground, please get in touch with us.

Our team have worked with many school and nursery facilities to design a bespoke play area safety surface. So feel free to send our wet pour surfacing specialists in Ainstable CA4 9 your details by completing the contact form on this page and we’ll come back to you with a detailed quote.

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