Rubber Mulch Suppliers in Ardwick

Rubber Mulch Suppliers in Ardwick

We offer premium installation services for bonded rubber mulch play flooring which is commonly chosen for children's playgrounds as well as pathways and other features.

Bonded Play Bark in Ardwick

Bonded Play Bark in Ardwick

This rubberised playground bark is made up of recylcled rubber shred which is mixed with binder to create a continuous surface for play areas.

Public Path Flooring in Ardwick

Public Path Flooring in Ardwick

In public areas, the shredded mulch flooring is perfect for pathways over muddy grass patches as it's porous so water is soaked up instead of sitting on top and causing flooding.

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Bonded Rubber Mulch Installers in Ardwick

Here at Bonded Rubber Mulch Installers, we offer premium installation surfaces for bonded rubber mulch play flooring for children's playgrounds, pathways and other features. Are you looking for a professional Bonded Rubber Mulch in Ardwick? Then you have found the right place. 

Our team of bonded rubber mulch installers in Ardwick M12 6 have completed many projects at schools, kindergartens and public facilities. This surface is ideal for these kinds of areas due to it having soft impact absorbing properties and natural coloured design. The mulch is made up of shredded recycled rubberised pieces which are mixed together and bonded with special glue.

Once this has been done, the mixture can be laid onto many types of existing surface including stone, tarmac or muddy areas. For some advice on the costs of this rustic play flooring, please complete our contact form to speak with a member of staff.

For more information on bonded shred, please fill in our contact form and we will respond with all the details you need on the installation of rubberised mulch for your playground including costs, colours and designs.

Rubberised Play Bark Near Me

For local primary schools, nurseries and parks in Ardwick M12 6 the rubber play bark is a perfect surface to install around equipment and in muddy patches.

Due to the shred being flexible, it could be designed to fit around existing play structures like trim trails, climbing frames and furniture which might be in the area. It then provides a softer landing area for kids if they fall off something or trip over while playing.

If you've got any patches of muddy grass or uneven ground in the play area, the rubberised bark may be applied to tackle this. Sometimes natural grass can become waterlogged and slippery which is unsafe when kids are running around on it.

The bonded rubber shred is porous so it soaks up any surface water and passes it through to the ground underneath so there is no danger of flooding to the surrounding areas.

What is Rubber Mulch?

Rubber mulch is a soft play surface type which has the appearance of natural wooden chippings. Rubber mulch may be installed in a number of colours, the most common being brown and green for a more natural appearance.

The depth of the shred surfacing could be altered to meet specific Critical Fall Heights. This means that the surface can be installed under play equipment and will help to stop children from becoming hurt if they fall off the apparatus. A rubber play bark is installed in a number of areas around the UK. One popular area for rubberised shred to be installed is parks and woodlands areas which require a natural-looking surface.

We can offer you more details on the rubberised shred surfacing if required, simply fill in our contact box with your details and we will get back to you. Or if you are interested in learning about the other surfaces we have to offer such as wet pour, look here - to see how this option could work for you. 

Natural Playground Designs Near Me

If you already have timber equipment and a rustic theme with your outdoor playground, the mulch matches well with this as it has a natural appearance which blends into the existing area. Colours we supply in Ardwick M12 6 generally include brown, green and dark red, along with blended mixes to create a more interesting design.

Our bonded rubber bark installers have worked on many different projects so if you're unsure about what specification you would like, don’t hesitate to ask for some help using our quick contact form.

The play bark we install nearby has been fully tested following the BS EN 1177 safety standards to ensure the best quality surface for children’s play areas. During early years and through school, it’s important for kids to have access to a good outdoor learning and activity space.

Ensuring that these areas are safe and may be used throughout the year makes it easier for the children to enjoy being physically active and taking part in different games. This is why we always offer products which have been safety tested, and provide all-weather usability. Whether you are looking for rubber mulch or another specification we are able to find you the exact surfacing you are looking for, at a great price. 

Public Pathway Surfacing in Ardwick

As well as children’s recreational areas, the bonded rubberised bark can also be used for pathways in public areas and other facilities. Places like community parks, golf clubs, nursing homes and rural walking spaces often have walkways made using this type of surface. The flexible rubberised surface makes walking easier on bones and joints, as well as providing gentle cushioning against any trips or falls.

The natural coloured flooring can be designed to match natural pathways and other features to ensure it’s in-keeping with the overall look of the facility. To find out more about the dimensions of a range of surfaces, you can click here - and learn about the range of sizes that would be best suited for your facility. 

Other Playground Surfaces We Offer

Recycled Safety Flooring Costs

The costs to install this bonded mulch surfacing vary depending on a number of factors such as the chosen area size, design, access to the site and current ground conditions. One of our specialists will be able to advise you on a price for your project if you have a particular budget in mind.

Get in touch with us today by completing the quick enquiry form on this page and we’ll come back to you with a quote for the work of our bonded rubber mulch installers in Ardwick M12 6 as quickly as we can. We understand that you may have a budget so we can work with you to ensure that you stay closest to your set price. 

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